New England Tech Wayfinding

New England Tech First Floor Wayfinding.

What is Wayfinding?

Way finding is how a person finds their way through large buildings such as college campuses.

The Process

For this way finding project I was in a team environment.  We were told to redesign the first floor of New England Institute of Technology. The project started by breaking down the different departments, and deciding who the target persona would be.  As a team we collectively decided that the target persona was a new student, or a student who was interested in enrolling.  We came up with icons for different departments of the floor such as: Admissions, the Cafeteria, the Library, etc.


The Problem.

One of the main problems our team faced with this wayfinding project was all the unnecessary elements that make up the first floor that have no importance to the target persona, or any student.  For example, the mailroom.  These rooms have no direct purpose for students, and when creating a color coordinated map, you have to decide where to put extra rooms like this.

The Solution.

We put rooms like this under extra, and made them black on the kiosk map.  Our team chose black with the hopes that they were almost considered extras, unessential to students.  The elements that make up the first floor are brightly colored and welcoming, such as orange, red, yellow, with the intentions to get the target personas attention.

Icon Images:

These were the final six icons that my group decided on for the touch screen kiosk, organized by color and department.

Black (useless to students): rooms such as the mail room.

Red: Gaming Development Classrooms.

Orange: Cafeteria/Food Services.

Yellow: Student Bookstore.

Blue: Library.

Green: Offices such as financial aid, and student accounts.




In conclusion I think my team and I did a great job at creating new wayfinding for the first floor of New England Tech.  The newly displayed kiosk at the entrance is bright, colorful, touch screen, engaging, and user friendly. The new student should have no problems finding their way around the first floor if they use the kiosk.