Jenna Designs

“Who am I as a Designer?”

This was the first question I asked myself when I started thinking about how I wanted to design my personal logo.

To the drawing board.

I wanted the design aesthetic of my logo to be clean, simple, and elegant.  I started playing around with my name Jenna in pretty, elegant scripted fonts, followed by the word designer, right underneath. Stacked one on top on another, with a simple, clean horizontal line dividing the two elements.  It was OK, but not for me, it did not say anything about myself.  After consulting with some peers, I made the decision to use my own handwriting to spell out my name.  I have always liked the way my handwriting looks, and have gotten many compliments on it over the years, therefore it only made sense to incorporate it into my design, as a one of a kind.

Font Choice.

I had a perfect vision of what I wanted the font to look like to pair with my handwriting, it was only a matter of finding it.  After stumbling through pages and pages of google fonts I finally found the one!  The font that makes up the word ‘Designs’ is called “Philosopher”.  I decided to use all capital letters to give it a more dramatic statement, seeing as my name is the main focal point.  The font that is used for the text, headers, and menus on my website are also the Philosopher font.


I love color. My eye always goes for bright colors. When bringing color into my logo became an option, I thought long and hard about it. Did I want to bring color into my logo? Or did I want to leave it plain black and white.

Over the last year or two I have had a slight obsession with the color grey.  It has been my main inspiration throughout the interior design at my house, and I wanted to somehow represent that through my logo design.  My actual logo is black, but if it is to be placed on a solid background it will be represented on an original color grey (CMYK) that I discovered. You can see the representation of the grey, through my branding book (images to follow), my buisness cards, and my resume.

C=17    M=11     Y=12     K=0

Final Logo.


Creating a Brand