Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is my favorite Adobe program by far.  I feel as though my most creative pieces are done in Illustrator and the possibilities are endless.  I especially like working in Illustrator because all of the specific type treatments you can achieve.  These type treatments are also known as typography.

Typography is something that I have always had an appreciation for. My grandmother always had beautiful penmanship, and it always caught my attention.  I would have her write sentences for me just so I could see how precise her cursing writing was.  Now my penmanship is something that I pride myself on. I look forward to upcoming projects in the future such as creating my own font.  Here are a few examples of some typography pieces I have created.

State Posters.

These were two state posters that I created, one for the state of Hawaii, representing the states slogan “The Islands of Aloha.”  Whenever I think of Hawaii, I think of warm tropical sunsets and volcanos, and that is what I tried to represent through this poster.

The second poster I created was for the state of Alaska representing the states slogan “Beyond Your Dreams.”  When I first think of Alaska I think about the beautiful northern lights that are displayed, and icebergs, and that is what I represented through the poster.


TV and Movie Posters

(currently airing in 2016, Greys Anatomy and Allison Through the Looking Glass)


Here you will find a comic book styled Alice Through the Looking Glass poster. Also an Art Deco styled Greys Anatomy poster (my favorite show)

50’s Retro Posters.


Here are two 50’s, and 60’s style posters I created using Adobe Illustrator.  The first one is a poster for a makeup subscription company called ipsy.  The second one is a poster to represent the social media Pinterest.