Gusto Coffee Rebrand

Gusto Coffee Rebrand.

Old Logo.

The Beginning Sketches.

I already knew from the very beginning that I wanted to do a round, circular logo design.  During my initial sketches I tried playing around with the words “Gusto” and “Coffee” in line form to create a circle together, however that did not work out so well, I believe it was a considerable good foundation considering the design came together quickly.  Here are some of my initial sketches:

The Illustrated Design.

Below you will see the final design that I created for Gusto Coffee.  I managed to stay with the original circle icon that I wanted. I wanted the font to look rustic, I chose this font called “”.  I believe that visually it gave my logo the aesthetic I was hoping to achieve. I placed the word “Gusto” on top, and “Coffee” on the bottom paced inside of a coffee mug.  There is steam rising through the logo, insuring fresh, hot coffee to fill the guests cup.  I enclosed all of these elements inside of a circle to make the design look unified.

New Logo Design.

Color Selection.

The colors I chose for this logo design are very clean, light grey, faded tans, blacks, and whites to create a neutral , calming aesthetic.

Creating a Brand.