Learning about Cinemagraph’s!

What is a Cinemagraph?

Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs, forming a video clip. They are published as an animated GIF or in other video formats, and can give the illusion that the viewer is watching an animation.

Materials Used:

  • iPhone 7plus
  • Smartphone Tripod
  • Flixel Cinemagraph Pro (computer program and smartphone friendly app)



Learning how to create a cinemagraph using the Cinemagraph Pro program.  To shoot this video clip you must use a tripod to insure that there will be no unintended motion in the final result! Take the video file into the Cinemagraph Pro program and begin to mask out any parts of the video that you would like to remain in motion.  There is an option for a loop if you want the end result to “repeat” or “bounce” depending on the aesthetic you are trying to complete.  Once all settings have been arranged just export the video and share away!



Creating a cinemagraph was a little more complicated then I initially thought. They are quick and simple to create as long as the video was shot properly. I think with a little more practice I could create some really cool concepts!



Original Footage: