Halloween Makeup & Editing Tutorial

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Nov 06

Skull Makeup & Photo Editing See here how I used makeup to create a skull face look, and then brought the photos in to Camera Raw, and Photoshop to create a more dramatic look! For makeup I used E.L.F black liquid eyeliner, a Wet N Wild eyeshadow palette, and

Brand Identity: Restaurant Style

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May 25

Branding Identity in the Restaurant.

  It all started back when I was working at Apple bees, and I am sure most of you reading this have been to Apple bees at least once in your life.  When I was

How to Hashtag

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May 08

How to Hashtag:


  This is a mini infograph I created using Adobe Illustrator.  This graphic breaks down “How to Hashtag” in 3 easy basic steps. 3 Basic Hashtag Steps:

  1. Place pound sign in front of word or key

Street Art: NYC Edition

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May 08

This is an image I took using my iPhone 7 plus. Street art is something that I admire so much, and sometimes you do not always have a professional camera on hand.

Update: Room Makeover

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May 08

I moved into a house April 2017.  I wanted to make the main focal point of my room this water-color painting that my grandmother did.  This has always been one of my favorites done by her.  The piece is so simple, but