Blacklight Photoshoot


The idea for this photoshoot was to create lighting using black lights, and highlight someone using UV light and neon paints.  This project required a team of creative collaborators made up of, hair and makeup artists, lighting assistants, a photographer, and a model.  This photoshoot took place in the basement of a house, we even boarded up the small windows, to insure no light would let through.  As the basement was being prepared, my hair and makeup team were painting the model, with UV light and neon paints, and GLITTER!  The model had bleach blonde hair, almost a white, which worked in the beauty teams favor because they could treat her hair as part of the canvas and incorporate colors, and more glitter. I have always loved color, this photoshoot idea that I planned was right up my ally, and I knew the shots were going to come out awesome. Check out some of the shots below, and make sure to choose your favorite by clicking the heart!

High ISO.

The lighting in the basement was so dark, the ISO on the camera had to be set to a very high number.  The higher the ISO, the higher the possibility of your images coming out looking like they have a grain affect, or pixelated.


In Conclusion.

After the photoshoot was all said and done, the images came out awesome!  I believe this is one of my best photoshoots to date, for a number of reasons:

 1. It was a great lesson, really put more camera setting into use and got me more familiar with the camera.

2. Since some of the images did tend to look a little grainy, or pixelated I had to bring some of them into photoshop (prior to printing) to make sure that none of that extra noise would be printed.  That was a great printing lesson and a handy photoshop lesson.

3. This photoshoot was another great experience working with a great team.  I love when I can collaborate my ideas with other artist ideas. Team collaboration is always a great skill to have.

Black light and UV Paint Photoshoot.


Behind the Scenes.

The images below are some images that were captured “behind the scenes”.  Here you can see images of the lighting assistant staging some of the blacklight rods we used.  You will also see a picture of hair and makeup artist Victoria Ruggieri, and she details the paints on the models skin.