How to Hashtag

How to Hashtag:



This is a mini infograph I created using Adobe Illustrator.  This graphic breaks down “How to Hashtag” in 3 easy basic steps.

3 Basic Hashtag Steps:

  1. Place pound sign in front of word or key phrase, that relates to content.
  2. Make sure there are no spaces.
  3. Click to search similar content.

There you have it, quick and simple.  Not only is this little graphic easy to read, it is also pretty eye catching using a variety of colors such as: purple, orange, black and white.  I was inspired by the Instagram logo to use the orange and purple gradient that fills the hashtag, and polka dots.  The background consists of a black and grey gradient for a subtle, yet elegant look.  I decided to go with a font I had recently downloaded called “Satisfy”.  I believe this font choice appears to be elegant and pretty, but still maintain an equal balance of fun. My favorite part about this graphic is definitely the colors.  To me they are so eye catching, and blend so well together,  I love colors that pop.